Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Civil... finally.

Civil Unions passed in Colorado today and it on its way to the Governor for signature. And after I wrapped my head around it, I started to cry… and I just haven’t stopped. Crying on the other side of the furious cry last year when it failed in a ridiculous display of legislative nonsense. Crying because this matters.

Honestly- I have never really cared about civil unions or marriage. In my opinion marriage belongs in the church, away from state politics and constitutions. Marriage is a faith based choice, and should remain so. And civil unions was this thing that would never happen anyway, so why pay attention?

And then I started to pay attention- because I am a mother. And because I realized that civil unions brings with it privileges and responsibilities to our children. The responsibility to care for our kids, and have the protections that all children should always have.

When my partner and I broke up, that became clear. We were kind to each other, and made careful plans for the care of our daughter, but had no responsibility or obligation to do so. And that, I realized early last year, was crazy.

And now I have a choice… and a responsibility. A choice that I can avail myself to… or not. A choice to fall in love and have it matter- not just to my friends and family, but to this larger community. A choice to have my daughter participate in this community too and be protected and recognized… regardless of what happens to her parents. And that is an awesome and overwhelming responsibility that I suddenly share with everyone else.

So, yes- I have been crying. And yes, this matters.

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