Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Making space for a little soul.

I've done a lot of work on myself these past few weeks.

House remodel, new job, getting in touch with my spiritual side.

blah blah blah.

And I was reminded the other day that I need to make some space for my daughter, and focus some concerted attention on her and her well being.

She has been experiencing a lot of anxiety these days- and I'm certain it's my fault.

For sure, my responsibility.

You see, I have been so focused on my own stuff that I have not paid attention.

And I'm pretty pissed at myself for that.

But I've learned some important lessons from my counselors/teachers that I think will help.

In fact, they have already:
  • De-clutter and clean- I have purged a lot of my own stuff- but not much of hers. and her room was a mess! I've spit cleaned and purged and organized. 
  • Let her have some creative energy in the house. She had talked about wanting to paint a wall in our house. I compromised and got a huge canvas for her to paint on. 
It now hangs prominently on our living room wall.

I may still let her paint a wall.

I probably will.
  • Create a calming environment that is fresh and ours.  That means finishing up this house remodel which hopefully will be done by the end of the week. 
  • Take time just for her. Being self employed really helps. I get to spend extra time with her doing things she loves- swimming, play dates, painting, watching movies. 
  • Let my primary relationship for now be her. This means not entering into any kind of relationship right now. 
Good advice- for both of us.
  • Love her up. This is the most important thing for the both of us. Sending her love and light. Expressing our feelings. And lots of hugs. 
Things aren't perfect, but they are getting much much better.

She is less anxious already and I can tell she is starting to feel a sense of peace.

And she digs her clean room.

More to do.

But ultimately, its about making space for a little soul.

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