Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mid life crisis.

A colleague at work says that I am having "the best mid life crisis EVER!"  I think she's probably right.

In the last few months I've bought a new bike, a new car, remodeled my bathroom, started on my kitchen remodel, gotten at tattoo, quit my job, dated a girl and broke up with that same girl. Ok- That last bit still kind of stings. 

My sister thinks I've gone mad. My other sister has these few words of wise advice: 

"Stop. It. Now!!!" 

Dont worry- I'll slow down pretty soon. But it's true. If ever there was to be a mid life crisis- I'm well into the throws of one. 

It could be menopause. Or grief. Or truly- maybe just madness. 

But I've just decided to live my life to the fullest extent possible and let the universe be my guide. My psychic friend has told me that I have a strong ability to manifest what I want in this life. And I'm trusting that she is correct. 

I think she is. And I don't know what is next. But I do know that I will have time to spend the summer with my daughter, travel, continue with remodeling my house, spend time with my family and friends, play my guitar, write, date, and cherish this amazing gift I have been given- life. 

The universe will work itself out- and I will be fine. 

So- sis- for now, I'm just going to ignore your otherwise sage advice. 

"Stop. It. Now!!" 

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