Friday, June 14, 2013

Falling together.

My therapist told me today that you have to fall apart first in order to fall together. There is a lot of truth in that. At least for me. In our session, I talked with her about the enormous changes currently unveiling themselves to me- house remodel, quitting my job, starting a new venture, travel plans, more tattoos... Basically embracing life and finally living.

And during our conversation, she reminded me of where I have been in my past- afraid to take risks, petrified to let go, battling with depression and lack of confidence. My divorce, losing a parent, being fired from a job, struggling with parenting.

Then there was my back.

Yes, I fell apart. Big time. 

And I'm grateful for those experiences. Because each hurt, each struggle, each letting go meant that I could say goodbye to those pieces that didn't fit, and pick up a new shiny piece of me. 

And it feels incredible. And freeing. And maybe I will find more shiny pieces along the way- a piece that allows me to love again, a piece that lets me walk through this life with wonder and joy, and a piece that allows me to revel in my friends and family and new opportunities. 

So yes, I guess the falling apart does need to happen. 

Because I'm loving this falling together. 


  1. The best part of life falling apart is choosing the pieces to pick back up.